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Monday, October 27

On Mondays and Fridays I replay a selection from the archives of past shows.

An All Natural Soap That Leaves Your Skin Clean and Free of Irritating Residue

My guest today is Heidi Sanner, Founder of Prima Natural. She makes a premium, truly natural soap free of irritating residues. Raw ingredients are combined using a unique trade secret process. We’ll be talking about conventional soaps and cleansers, the soap industry, the misconceptions consumers are under and how Prima Natural is different. Heidi has a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology with an internship at a Veteran’s Hospital where she cultured all types of skin ailments known to man…and a few unidentified ones. She left the medical field for a “more normal” type of work as a CPA. After seven years she left to start an Organic Farm business, Candle Bee Farm, an organic beekeeping and beeswax candle business. And  10 years later started, Prima Natural. www.debralynndadd.com/debras-list/prima-natural

Tuesday, October 28

Improve Your Sleep Experience With Sustainable Bed Linens

Randi FarinaMy guest today is Randi Farina, the National Sales Director of Living Fresh Collection, a new direct selling organization that focuses on sustainable bed linens. We’ll be talking about how natural bed linens enhance your sleep experience and how the Living Fresh Collection fabrics are made in a sustainable way. In 2013, Randi joined Living Fresh Collection to launch a company that would not only provide linens made with Tencel+Plus™ Lyocell (fibers from the eucalyptus tree) to enhance one’s sleep, but an opportunity to empower women by giving them the tools to own and operate their own business. After receiving her Bachelor of Art at the State University of New York, Randi started her career in 1994 with The Pampered Chef. As her business grew, the importance of providing support and mentorship to women became apparent in the success of her own organization. Her values of teamwork, personal development and achievement followed her throughout her career as her work continued with the United States Olympic Committee. Working as a licensee of the USOC, she created the first national fundraiser for the Vancouver Games. The US Olympic Team Rings Wristbands wore worn by Olympic athletes as well as fans all over the country. In 2010 Randi returned her focus to working with women as an Associate Producer for Lifetime Television’s morning show. She thrived on creating direct brand messaging to consumers, while being able to motivate women to find the very delicate balancing act between work and home life. In 2011 and 2012, Randi traveled with the Show on 10 City tours throughout the country meeting thousands of women and providing brands products & support so they could achieve their work/life balance. Returning to the direct sales industry, Randi feels as if her career has come full circle. By being able to provide support to entrepreneurial women as they grow their own businesses. Randi has found her work/life balance. Randi resides in Boca Raton, Florida with her husband and four children. www.LivingFreshCollection.com

Wednesday, October 29

New TV Show Features Organic, Sustainable, and Healthy Restaurants

My guest today is Danny Boome, internationally-acclaimed TV personality and Chef, known to audiences for his culinary work and dynamic personality. Today we’ll be talking about his new gig as host of Good Food America season two, and what he’s learned from visiting organic, sustainable, and healthy restaurants across America. Following the success of hosting two of 2013’s hit shows: ABC Daytime’s Recipe Rehab and Food Network/The Cooking Channel’s Donut Showdown – Danny has taken to the streets to take viewers on a culinary adventure across America (think: Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, but with far less calories and a super charming English accent) in search of the nation’s best organic, sustainable and healthy restaurants. Viewers will join Danny on his gastronomic journey each Sunday night as he discovers regional gems, native ingredients and the homegrown talent that keeps locals coming back for more. This season, the series will make stops at restaurants from Maine to California, and you can come along too. In addition to hosting television shows, Danny brings his passion for food and culinary exploration to homes, schools and lecture halls across America. He shares his fresh perspective and practical, no-fuss recipes and techniques through cooking workshops, courses and private lessons. As a former European professional ice hockey player, Danny is an active sportsman. Danny’s experiences on the ice, in the kitchen and traveling the country as a self-proclaimed “gastronaut,” enabled him to further promote the benefits of healthy eating and exercise by creating the non-profit organization, Better Fed. Danny started his culinary training in 1999 as a cook in Switzerland – doubling up as an au pair for a local family. He later trained at the acclaimed West Wind Inn in Canada and attended the Grange Cookery School in England. Good Food America can be seen on select satellite and cable networks as well as online at ZLiving, which allows you to watch on your computer or on any mobile device. Watch at go.zliving.com/tvshows/good-food-america

Thursday, October 30

What You Need to Know About Your HVAC and Indoor Air Quality

Today my guest is Judy Rachel, a Home Performance Professional specializing in third party, independent home energy audits, best green building practices specifications and HVAC system design. We’ll be talking about the basics of how your HVAC works, choosing correct filters, why we have indoor air quality problems and how to solve them, and how to get to know your HVAC system so you can use it properly. Judy writes and teaches building science / energy efficiency curricula for various community and city colleges, as well as for workforce training programs. She provides both classroom and hands-on trainings. She is a senior lead trainer for Efficiency First California, training contractors in the Home Performance with Energy Star curriculum. She is a lead trainer for Energy Conservation Institute’s Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certification trainings. Judy is President of the Eco-Home Network, a non-profit devoted to greening as many homes as possible. She is the field mentor for contractors participating in the Southern California Home Upgrade program. Along with being certified as a Building Analyst, Envelope Specialist, Heating Specialist and A/C and Heat Pump Professional through BPI, she is a field proctor for these certifications. As a HERS rater (Home Energy Rater) she does diagnostic testing, verifications and inspections for residential and small commercial buildings to ensure compliance with California’s Energy Code. Certified by Build It Green, she is a GreenPoint rater for new construction and a Certified Green Building Professional. Through National Comfort Institute she holds their Air Balancing and Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Certifications. Judy thinks the most amazing part of what she does is that by creating energy efficient homes she is actually able to improve the comfort, durability, indoor air quality, as well as, occupant safety within homes. www.greenachers.com

Friday, October 31

On Mondays and Fridays I replay a selection from the archives of past shows.

Which Poison Will Change Your Life?

My guest today is Glenna Chance, author of Which Poison Will Change Your Life? While pursuing her career in music in 1988, Glenna was poisoned by an illegal pesticide application. Her life-altering diagnosis of the chronic illness Multiple Chemical Sensitivity catapulted her into a new direction, and she has since battled the physical ramifications and lack of legal parity that often accompany MCS disability. Glenna has worked tirelessly to bring recognition to the illness and support to sufferers. We’ll talk about the the social and political forces that contribute to MCS and many other “invisible” illnesses that are the result of explsure to toxic chemicals in ordinary everyday consumer products. Glenna is a professional musician, environmental consultant and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity advocate and activist. Which Poison Will Change Your LifeShe is the founder and director of MCS Advocacy.com, an agency which advocates for the MCS-disabled and their families who need assistance in finding housing, benefits, nontoxic products and medical and legal resources. She is a proponent of life lived in harmony with the universal truths of nature. MCSAdvocacy.com



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