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Monday, April 13

On Mondays and Fridays I replay a selection from the archives of past shows.

 Raising Backyard Chickens for Fun and Food

Sarah-BoobacarMy guest today is Sarah Griffin-Boubacar, Retail Store Manager atPeaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply the largest organic gardening supply company in the U.S. Since both Sarah and I will talk about our experiences raising backyard chickens and Sarah will give her expert advice and talk about the resources they have to offer to make raising chickens a success. Sarah is a graduate of Humboldt State University in Northern California and worked on an organic coffee and fruit farm in Hawaii. She loves to be involved in the local agriculture scene in California and enjoys helping farmers and gardeners with their questions and problems. Sarah was trained in Integrated Pest Management by the University of California. She teaches popular workshops at Peaceful Valley on Canning & Preserving, Cheesemaking, and Irrigation. At home Sarah has an extensive organic garden, and raises backyard chickens and little boys. Backyard Chicken

Tuesday, April 14

How Pesticides Can Harm Your Health

steven-gilbert-2My guest today is toxicologist Steven G. Gilbert, PhD, DABT, He’s a regular guest who is helping us understand the toxicity of common chemicals we may be frequently exposed to. Today we’re going to talking about pesticides, which is a large class of chemicals with many different degrees of danger. Dr. Gilbert is Director and Founder of the Institute of Neurotoxicology and author of A Small Dose of A Small Dose of ToxicologyToxicology- The Health Effects of Common Chemicals.He received his Ph.D. in Toxicology in 1986 from the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, is a Diplomat of American Board of Toxicology, and an Affiliate Professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, University of Washington. His research has focused on neurobehavioral effects of low-level exposure to lead and mercury on the developing nervous system. Dr. Gilbert has an extensive website about toxicology called Toxipedia, which includes a suite of sites that put scientific information in the context of history, society, and culture.

Wednesday, April 15

Choosing and Using Home Saunas to Remove Toxic Chemicals From Your Body

Wendy MyersMy guest today is Wendy Myers, CHHC, NC, founder and head writer of Wendy highly recommends the use of home saunas for detox to her clients and knows all about them. We’ll be talking about how regular time in a sauna can benefit your health, different types of saunas and which work best for detox, how to use a sauna, and how to choose a sauna to purchase for home use. Wendy is a certified holistic health and nutrition coach in Los Angeles, CA., She is also certified in Hair Mineral Analysis for the purpose of designing Mineral Power programs for clients to correct their metabolism and body chemistry. She is currently seeking her masters in clinical nutrition at Bridgeport University in Connecticut. Wendy hosts the weekly Live to 110 Video Podcast and the Modern Paleo Cooking show on her Live to 110 Youtube Channel. |

Thursday, April 16

Eight Steps to Improving Your Food Choices

Annie Berthold-BondToday my guest Annie B. Bond, author of True Food: 8 Simple Steps to a Healthier You. We’ll be talking about why slow, local, organic, and whole food matters—for both your health and the Earth. I met Annie many years ago when her publisher asked me to write the forward to her first book Clean and Green. Annie is the best-selling author of five books, including Better Basics for the Home (Three Rivers Press, 1999), and Home Enlightenment (Rodale Books, 2008). Her most recent book True Food (National Geographic, 2010), is a winner of Gourmand Awards Best Health and Nutrition Cookbook in the World. She was named “the foremost expert on green living” by “Body & Soul” magazine (February, 2009). Currently Annie blogs and leads the selection of toxic-free products for The True Find. |


Friday, April 17

On Mondays and Fridays I replay a selection from the archives of past shows.

Caring for Your Dog Toxic-Free

Leslie-MayMy guests today are Leslie May and Johann The Dog, authors of the Raise a Green Dog blog and website. This very popular blog began in November 2007 and  has grown over the years into a complete website, with educational pages, tips, tricks and product information to help dog lovers learn more about being green and helping their dog live a healthier, happier life. We’ll be talking about toxic chemicals your dog may be exposed to in typical dog products and how to choose and find safer alternatives. Leslie grew up in a green and organic family, before being green was popular. After adopting Johann as a puppy from a no-kill animal shelter in the Indianapolis area in September of 2004, she wanted to be sure that he was not only safe from the environmental dangers that he may encounter in his life, she also wanted eco-friendly, healthy and safe products for him to eat, play with, sleep in, and be and live around, inside and out. Fortunately knowing how to live an eco-friendly, healthy and organic lifestyle gave her a ‘leg up’ in helping find information, tips and products that would keep Johann the happiest and healthiest dog he could be. She quickly discovered that healthy and green information and products were not easy to find for other dog lovers. That’s when Raise A Green Dog was born….with one goal in mind: to bring valuable, green lifestyle information to dog lovers, so they can enjoy a long and happy life with their dogs, and help the environment at the same time. In her spare time, Leslie enjoys life in the mountains of NE Georgia with her dogs, Johann (YoYo) and Gracie, and her kitties, Wolfie and Wiggy; and enjoys competing in dog agility and hiking the many mountain trails with Johann and Gracie. and



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