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Monday, July 27

On Mondays and Fridays I replay a selection from the archives of past shows.

All About Organic Apparel

Patricia DavisMy guest today is Patricia Davis, professional dressmaker and fashion designer. She is the owner of Silver Needle & Thread Custom Sewn Clothing, Silver T-Models, Tag Custom Bridal and The Jacksonville Organic Business Directory. Patricia is also the Creator of CATA “Consumers Against Toxic Apparel,” the first movement of its kind in the United States. She is a champion for organic apparel. Clean, safe organic clothing is the main focus of her companies. Patricia has been designing fashion and sewing for more than forth-two years. Her degrees are in Marketing and Management, Fashion Merchandise and Interior Design from The University of Mississippi. Her career has afforded a plethora of experience in the fashion retail industry covering every aspect of fashion, from low end to designer allowing her to live around the country and travel abroad. During a portion of her career she worked in New York City and traveled across the nation opening designer boutique stores. Ms. Davis is a member of NAPW (National Association of Professional Women), North East Florida Green Chamber, The Girls Gone Green, Green Production Guide, GreenPeople, Green Bride Guide, Organic Consumers Association and Green America Green Approved. She’s an expert of textiles having sewn every known fabric at least once. Oftentimes, she dedicates her time by serving as a mentor for many organizations in the community and women seeking help with their business ideas. Coordinating fashion shows, offering seminars and public speaking are also a part of her daily routine. Patricia is focused and committed to educating, empowering and inspiring women to know the practices of today’s textile industry, understand the dangers, beware of toxic apparel and offer alternatives in a fashion frenzy world. She believes in order to change your life you need to change the way you view fashion. |

Tuesday, July 28

Organic, Cage-Free, and Other Exceptional Eggs

rick-leibeeMy guest today is Rick Leibee, Sales and Marketing Manager for Nature’s Yoke, a specialty brand of Westfield Egg Farm, Inc. We’re going to learn all about how organic, free range, and other specialty eggs are produced, how they are labeled, and why you should eat them. This is the brand of eggs I eat every morning. Rick grew up on a small family farm in rural Kentucky where they raised a lot of their food and had livestock for family use. He is still married to his college sweetheart for 39 years, Helen, and they have 11 children—six birth and 5 adopted, four are international adoptions. He lives in New Holland, PA home to Nature’s Yoke. When they were first married in 1976, Rick and his wife adopted the “healthy” eating lifestyle. They received, for a wedding present the cookbook Laurel’s Kitchen, which had just been published, and since then have eaten as “clean” and organic as possible with a large family. They lived on 15 acres and grew their own food and raised free range chickens and cattle for our personal use. Rick graduated from Florida State University in 1977 with a degree in business with an emphasis and marketing. While working for other businesses, Rick became friends with the owner of Westfield Egg Farm and was invited to work there.

Wednesday, July 29

How to Protect Your Health From Toxic Mercury Dental Fillings

Pamela SeefeldToday my guest is Pamela Seefeld, R.Ph, a registered pharmacist who prefers to dispense medicinal plants and other natural substances instead of prescription drugs. We’ll be talking about mercury dental fillings, which were front page news in our local newspaper last week. Senior US health officials stopped a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposal that would have told dentists they should not use mercury fillings in cavities in pregnant women, nursing moms, children under 6 and people with mercury allergies, kidney diseases or neurological problems. It also urged dentists to avoid using fillings that contain mercury compounds in any patient, where possible. Pamela and I will discuss the toxic effects of mercury in your body and what you can do to protect your body from the dangers of mercury fillings. Pamela has more than 25 years experience choosing and selling top quality medicinal supplements, so she’s seen it all. Pamela is a 1990 graduate of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, where she studied Pharmacognosy (the study of medicines derived from plants and other natural sources). She has worked as an integrative pharmacist teaching physicians, pharmacists and the general public about the proper use of botanicals. She is also a grant reviewer for NIH in Washington D.C. and the owner of Botanical Resource and Botanical Resource Med Spa in Clearwater, Florida.


Thursday, July 30

Toxics in the Air We Breathe—Indoors and Outdoors—and How it Affects Our Health

steven-gilbert-2My guest today is toxicologist Steven G. Gilbert, PhD, DABT, He’s a regular guest who is helping us understand the toxicity of common chemicals we may be frequently exposed to. Today we’re going to talk about indoor and outdoor air pollution: the different types of pollutants, how they affect your health, how you are exposed to them, and what you can do to reduce your exposure. Dr. Gilbert is Director and Founder of A Small Dose of Toxicologythe Institute of Neurotoxicology and author of A Small Dose of Toxicology- The Health Effects of Common Chemicals. He received his Ph.D. in Toxicology in 1986 from the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, is a Diplomat of American Board of Toxicology, and an Affiliate Professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, University of Washington. His research has focused on neurobehavioral effects of low-level exposure to lead and mercury on the developing nervous system. Dr. Gilbert has an extensive website about toxicology called Toxipedia, which includes a suite of sites that put scientific information in the context of history, society, and culture. 


Friday, July 31

On Mondays and Fridays I replay a selection from the archives of past shows.

Going Beyond Filtered Waters

MJ PangmanMy guest today is MJ Pangman, co-author of Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water—a book that has revolutionized our relationship with water while unveiling its most mysterious properties. Ever since the year 2000, when she observed its powerful effects on her own body, Dancing with WaterMJ has focused her research on a special phase of water known as liquid crystalline water. This phase of water interacts more rapidly and efficiently with biological organisms. It can provide superior hydration, enhanced nutrient absorption, more effective detoxification, increased metabolic efficiency and improved cellular communication. With a Master’s degree in plant science and a love of the natural sciences, MJ will take to take you to a new level of your understanding about water and tell us how to turn water into a vital, life-supporting nutrient.


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