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Detox Your Home

I have many resources on this website to help you find toxic-free products to replace toxic products you may be using in your home.

Debra’s List
has 100s of links to 1000s of toxic-free products for every part of your life.
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Toxic-Free Q&A
has 1000s of questions and comments from readers, answered my me and my community of visitors. These are the real questions that people are asking about toxic problems they encounter every day and answers from real-life experience.
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Toxic Free Kitchen
is all about preparing delicious real, whole, organic foods that nourish and heal your body…it ways you will love!
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Debra’s Bookstore
Find the best books to learn about what’s toxic and what’s toxic-free in my bookstore. You can click right through to and buy them at a discount.
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Living As Nature
Today there is growing interest in looking beyond industrial consumerism and finding ways we can align our daily lives with Nature. I share my thoughts about nature and spirit in everyday life in these posts.

Protect Your Health from Toxic Chemicals in Consumer Products

Virtually all symptoms and illnesses have now been associated with exposure to toxic chemicals in consumer products we use every day. But each of us can be free of their harmful effects by eliminating exposures and removing toxic chemicals from our bodies. My book gives the basics.

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Are Toxic Chemicals Making You Sick?

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Detox Your Body

There is such a huge volume of toxic chemicals in the world today that there are far more than our bodies were designed to handle.

When your body’s detox system is insufficient to remove the amount toxic chemicals you are exposed to—and this applies to virtually everyone alive today—then the toxicants that come into your body will not be excreted, but instead will be stored in your body—in fat, semen, breast milk, muscles, bones, brain, liver and other organs.

The total amount of these chemicals that are being stored in your body at a given point in time is called your body burden.

There are many things you can do to help your body eliminate toxic chemicals. visit body detox blog…

PureBodyx2Start Removing Heavy Metals and Toxic Chemicals From Your Body in Just 4 Hours

There is a simple, inexpensive product that will start collecting toxics from your body the moment you take it, and eliminate them in 4 to 6 hours. It’s made from a natural mineral called clinoptilolite zeolite, which is simply suspended in pure water. It binds to positively-charged heavy metals, radioactive particles, and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). When you start removing toxic chemicals from your body, your body’s natural processes of regeneration can work to restore function. read more…


Debra Lynn Dadd

Helping Consumers
Live Toxic Free
Since 1982

I began researching and writing about toxic chemicals more than thirty years ago, after becoming  aware of the problem of household toxics through being poisoned by toxic chemicals in consumer products I was using every day. This led me to find the toxic chemicals that were hiding in my own home and find safe alternatives. read more…

Author My books on toxic-free living have been continuously in print for more than thirty years. read more…

Consultant I am available to work one-on-one with individuals and businesses to solve problems of toxic exposure and come up with safe solutions. You can even ask me a quick question on the phone. read more...

Speaker I am happy to come speak to your group or business anywhere in the world on the subjects of toxic chemicals in consumer products, safe alternatives, and detoxing chemicals from your body. read more…

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Featured Toxic Free Products

Affordable Water Filter

This is the water filter I use in my own home, because it removes chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, radiation, heavy metals, and a whole lot more. read more…

Safe Cookware

My favorite cookware—it’s made from high-tech ceramic through and through and is wonderful to cook with. Foods taste like themselves, with no metallic taste from the cookware. read more…

Organic Wholefood Vitamins

Even most “natural” vitamins are made from synthetic nutrients in a natural base. These are 100% organic whole foods in a capsule. I take them every morning.
read more…

Cell Phone Protection

Protect yourself and your family from harmful cell phone radiation with this simple case. I have one on my cell phone.
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 Within each one of us is an immeasurable capacity for love, understanding, compassion, creativity, joy, and all positive qualities. The tragedy of illness is that it prevents the full expression of outgoing healthy emotions and creative abilities…

I feel that the achievement of health is worth considerable effort and expense because it can add happiness to our lives and to others, can help us to know love and warmth, song, laughter, and music, to experience the joy of creativity and the satisfaction of accomplishments well done.

— Adele Davis 


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