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This website is all about how to recognize toxic chemicals that are harmful to your health and how to protect your health from them. It has more information on this subject than any other website. This website addresses all aspects of being healthy in a toxic world, including choosing an finding toxic free products of all kinds, how to detox toxic substances from your body, and how to repair the damage toxic chemicals have done to your body.


and the ONLY Website that is 100% Toxic Free

There are many websites now with information about toxic chemicals and safe alternatives. But often this information is mixed with many other subjects that are not related. This website is dedicated to everything toxic free: my directory lists only toxic free products, all health tips are oriented around removing toxic chemicals from your body or repairing toxic damage, every recipe tells how to use toxic free foods and prepare them in toxic free ways. How to live toxic free is THE subject of this website, and nothing else.


Exposure to Toxic Chemicals is the #1 Health Problem in the World Today

Virtually EVERY Health Problem Has Now Been Associated With Toxic Chemical Exposure

If you have a health problem, chances are toxic chemicals are contributing to it. If you want to protect your health, live longer, look more beautiful, improve your sex life, lose weight, think more clearly, or improve your physical, mental, and spiritual condition in any way, becoming free of toxic chemicals will help. In fact, it is clear to me that if you have and physical or mental condition, toxic chemical exposure is probably at the root of it. Read more…

Want to save money on health care costs? In early 2010, the organization Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families released a report called The Health Case for Reforming the Toxic Substances Control Act.  According to this study, 133 million people in the USA—almost half of all Americans—are now living with chronic diseases and conditions related to toxic chemical exposures, which now account for 70% of deaths and 75% of US health care costs. They calculate that if only a fraction of toxic chemicals were removed from consumer products, it would save the U.S. health care system an estimated $5 billion every year.

The good news is that it is possible to be free from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals in consumer products and your environment. There are three basic steps. These are discussed abundantly throughout this website.


Toxic Chemicals and Autistic Children

kim-spencerToday my guest is Kim Spencer, Co-Founder and Vice President of Public Relations at The Thinking Moms’ Revolution. We’ll be talking about how mercury in vaccines and other toxic chemicals can contribute to autism and what she did to reverse his autism.
Kim is a graduate of The University of Georgia and worked in Television, Telecommunications and Public Relations before her first child was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 1/2. After researching his condition, she discovered his autism symptoms stemmed from autoimmune issues exacerbated by his childhood vaccines. Through treatment for vaccine injury, mercury toxicity and PANDAS, his condition has dramatically improved and he is fully included in 8th grade. Since his diagnosis, Kim has been an advocate and activist in the autism community. She has spoken at the CDC, appeared in many media stories, worked as a patient coordinator and autism advocate at her son’s pediatrician’s office. The Thinking Moms’ Revolution began when a group of twenty-three moms (and one awesome dad) from around the world got together online to figure out how to help their children with developmental disabilities. Suspecting that some of the main causes might be overused medicines, vaccinations, environmental toxins, and processed foods, they began a mission to help reverse the effects. And now they are a thriving organization offering much-needed information to parents.

Different Types of Detox

Pamela SeefeldMy guest today is Pamela Seefeld, R.Ph, a registered pharmacist who prefers to dispense medicinal plants and other natural substances instead of prescription drugs. We’ll be talking about why it’s so important to detox your body and three different types of detox: liquid zeolite, homeopathic remedies, and sauna. Each method of detox works in different ways in your body and removes different substances, so it’s important to choose the right one. Pamela is a 1990 graduate of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, where she studied Pharmacognosy (the study of medicinal plants). She has worked as an integrative pharmacist teaching physicians, pharmacists and the general public about the proper use of botanicals. She is also a grant reviewer for NIH in Washington D.C. and the owner of Botanical Resource and Botanical Resource Med Spa in Clearwater, Florida.

Make Your Own Mattress

deborah-brentonToday my guest is Deborah Brenton, owner of DIY Natural Bedding.  We’ll be talking about how you can make your own custom mattress with the materials she provides, and why you should. Deborah is a foodie, a forager, and strongly believes in living a natural life.  In 2010 she began looking for mattresses for her children, but the only type available contained a whole host of chemicals.  Her Do It Yourself attitude kicked in and she gathered resources to create her own mattresses from scratch.  She soon realized that other people share her natural living convictions but lack resources in the bedding market.  DIY Natural Bedding was started with this goal in mind: to provide affordable, natural and chemical free bedding products.  Deborah now offers natural components that customers can use to build their own mattresses, toppers and pillows.  Her products include wool from local farms, 100% natural latex, and GOTS certified organic fabric.  She also offers sewing patterns for those who would like to save a dime by sewing their own mattress ticking and custom latex cuts for any DIY furniture project.

Dental Floss

Question from Matt Carter Hi Debra, I know you posted before that you use a Hydrafloss and I am looking into getting one, but in the meantime am looking for a safe dental floss option. I have found two types of floss that are unwaxed nylon (POH and Dr. Collins) would...


Question from Beverly Shutes Hi Debra, The popcorn on my living room ceiling is cracked and falling down. I have found someone to repair the ceiling for me and they have stated that once the popcorn is scraped and removed, they coat the ceiling (which is poured...

Intellibed Mattress Again

Question from Jorjia Blom Hi Debra, This bed is supposedly non-toxic: Have you heard any feedback from anyone with MCS regarding this product? Debra’s Answer Supposedly is right. Here’s what I...

Car Outgassing

Question from Chris Condon Hi Debra, I have a question about cars outgassing. Many people who are chemically sensitive buy used cars in preference to new to avoid the new car chemicals. Do cars that have been driven in hot climate outgas faster and better than cars...

Filling Cracks in Concrete

Question from Suzanne Foster Hi Debra, I have removed the carpeting from my bedroom and bathroom. The concrete floor has several large cracks in it from where the building has settled. Is there any non-toxic product to fill the cracks? I am very sensitive to smells...

Wrinkle Treatments

Question from Kiki Li Hi Debra, I recently read your book Toxic Free and have been doing my best to transition into living a chemical free lifestyle. I work in the beauty industry and was an avid Botox and dermal filler client which I have stopped doing since reading...

Citric Acid Deodorant

Question from Susan Hayden Hi Debra, Why don’t people just mix up some pharm grade citric acid in water…and use under their arms!!!. It’s super cheap and works amazingly well, even on my athletic-type husband. Deoderant is just another one of those...
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