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Preparing Your Own Food? Learn How to Have Food Ready When and Where You Are

Tammy CredicottToday my guest is Tammy Creditcott, author of Make Ahead Paleo. Even if you don’t eat Paleo, Tammy will help you with the logistics of preparing food every day as part of a busy life. The key to staying on an out-of-the-ordinary diet is having food on hand when you’re hungry and when you’re out, and that’s what this book is about. Tammy Credicott is a recipe developer, food photographer, public speaker, allergy-friendly cooking instructor, and the national bestselling author of Paleo Indulgences, Make Ahead Paleo and The Healthy Gluten Free Life. Tammy has a passion for understanding health and wellness as it relates to nutrition and has used this knowledge to help her family overcome health issues such as celiac disease, multiple food intolerances, eczema and ADD. She lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband and two daughters.

The Healthy Gluten Free Life     Paleo Indulgences     Make Ahead Paleo

How Smoke From Fireplaces, Wood Stoves, BBQs and More Contribute to Outdoor Air Pollution and Affect Our Health

Mary RozenbergMy guest today is Mary Rozenberg, Co-Founder of the Burning Issues website, a project of the nonprofit organization Clean Air Revival. We’ll be talking about particulate pollution in outdoor air, how you are contributing to it, and how it is affecting your own health and the health of others. Since 1987, Mary and members have been working tirelessly to improve ambient outdoor air quality through the reduction of Fine Particulate Pollution. The most common sources of deadly Fine Particulate Pollution are residential wood burning (RWB), restaurant wood burning, coal burning, forest fires and agriculture burning, and diesel and auto exhaust. It is estimated that 72,000 people die annually in the United States from the effects of these fine particles. Once emitted they are impossible to clean up. More than half of the fine particulate is caused by fewer than 10% of the population using the dirtiest fuels for recreation and heating. Their principal activity is public education, including the collection and dissemination of the latest science information regarding health effects, economic impacts, and individual actions to reduce and stop solid fuel combustion. Burning Issues also actively does particulate monitoring and has published the results.

Wondering What’s in a Product? Here’s a Way to Find Out That You’ll Love

Due to a last minute scheduling problem, today’s guest has been rescheduled. Today we presented a replay of the Building a Food Forest for a Perpetual Food Supply show with Diann Dirks.

My guest today is Diann Dirks, Certified Permaculture Designer. We’ll be talking about Food Forests, a kind of orchard growing food and herbs in an integrative way so that all ground and vertical layers of growing plants are utilized, making the best use of the land, instead of just trees and grass. The use of many kinds of companion species are used like in nature. The point of a Food Forest is that once installed, people have a very long future of available food and medicine at hand, with minimum effort other than harvesting and tree care. Diann is very involved in solving the problems of feeding people long term in an earth-kind way, producing abundance for people and regeneration for the earth. A food forest once installed will feed people for generations and rebuild the soil as well as eliminate erosion, a real problem in today’s customary agricultural practices. Permaculture is a design science based on Natural Laws observed and codified by Bill Mollison and his students about 30 years ago, mapping out how nature creates long term sustabilable life systems. It comes from Permanent Agriculture because in nature the system is permanent. Using those laws observed, and based on a code of ethics, a permaculturist is looking to not only get good yield out of an agricultural system, but also, restore the earth like nature does after a natural disaster, only faster. Diann is a professional consultant in Permaculture, an organic gardener for over 45 years, and the builder of a Food Forest on her property in NE Georgia.

The Dangers of Exposure to Radiation and How to Protect Yourself

Steven GilbertMy guest today is toxicologist Steven G. Gilbert, PhD, DABT, who has been on the show several times before. Today we’ll be talking about radiation. Dr. Gilbert is Director and Founder of the Institute of Neurotoxicology and author of A Small Dose of Toxicology- The Health Effects of Common Chemicals. Dr. Gilbert received a Ph.D. in Toxicology in 1986 from the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, A Small Dose of Toxicologyis a Diplomat of American Board of Toxicology, and an Affiliate Professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, University of Washington. His research has focused on neurobehavioral effects of low-level exposure to lead and mercury on the developing nervous system. Dr. Gilbert has an extensive website about toxicology called Toxipedia, which includes a suite of sites that put scientific information in the context of history, society, and culture.

Make Your Own Herbal Bodycare Products

There are so many interesting shows in the archives! Every Friday I pull one out to remind you these archives are here for inspiration and information.

My guest Dina Falconi is the author of Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair: Natural and Healthy Personal Care for Everybody. We will be talking about nuturing and healing your body with herbal products you can make yourself—many using ingredients you already have in your own kitchen. Dina is a clinical herbalist with a strong focus on food activism and nutritional healing. An avid gardener, wildcrafter, and permaculturalist, Dina has been teaching classes about the use of herbs for food, medicine, and pleasure, including wild food foraging and cooking, for more than twenty years. She produces Falcon Formulations natural body care products and Earthly Extracts medicinal tinctures. She is a founding member of the Northeast Herbal Association, a chapter leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation, and an organizer of Slow Food-Hudson Valley. Today  Dina is also the author of Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook (she’ll be back on the show soon to talk about this)

The Logic and Science Behind the Paleo Diet

Liz WolfeMy guest today is Liz Wolf, author of Eat the Yolks, an excellent book that gives all the logic and science behind the Paleo diet. Liz is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP™) certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association who is passionate about dismantling widespread nutrition myths and discovering the truth about food. eat-the-yolksShe works with individuals, businesses, and nonprofits to develop nutrition programming based around real, whole foods, and she documents her personal adventures in cooking, nutrition, and homesteading on her much-loved blog. When she’s not enjoying fresh eggs from her free-range chicken flock or hanging out with her goats, dog, or husband, she’s serving as ambassador for her favorite nonprofits: Steve’s Club National Program, which provides athletic training and mentorship to at-risk youth; and The First Twenty, an organization dedicated to improving the long-term health of America’s firefighters.


Nourishing Traditions: Bringing Traditional Foods to Modern Life

Sally FallonMy guest today, Sally Fallon Morell is author of the bestselling cookbook Nourishing Traditions and The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care. She is the founding president of the Weston A. Price Foundation. We’ll be talking about how Dr. Weston Price researched traditional cultures to learn about nutrition and what we really should be eating for good health. Sally is a journalist, chef, nutrition researcher, homemaker, and community activist. Her lifelong interest in the subject of nutrition began in the early 1970s when she read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price. Called the “Isaac Newton of Nutrition,” Price traveled the world over studying healthy primitive populations and their diets. The unforgettable photographs contained in his book document the beautiful facial structure and superb physiques of isolated groups consuming only whole, natural foods. Price noted that all of these diets contained a source of good quality animal fat, which provided numerous factors necessary for the full expression of our genetic potential and optimum health. Ms. Morell applied the principles of the Price research to the feeding of her own children, and proved for herself that a diet rich in animal fats, and containing the protective factors in old fashioned foodstuffs like cod liver oil, liver and eggs, make for sturdy cheerful children with a high immunity to illness. And since she has been educating the world on how to enjoy this diet deliciously.

nourishing-traditions-baby         Nourishing-Traditions-large


The Flooring that Improves Indoor Air Quality

Priscilla BergeronToday my guest is Priscilla Bergeron, Communication Manager at Lauzon Exclusive Hardwood Flooring, maker of Pure Genius flooring, the world’s first air-purifying smart hardwood floor. This green-focused company, based in Papineauville, Quebec, Canada, actually owns its own forest, bringing its products from “Forest to Floor.” An avid environmental supporter, Priscilla was closely involved in the launch of Pure Genius. With a degree in Business Administration, Marketing, her experience includes brand and marketing management for a range of consumer products, including coatings and hardware items, always working with brand teams to ensure minimal environmental impact of the products she represents.


The Right Type of Salt is Actually Good for You

Daryll BosshardtMy guest today is Darryl Bosshardt, who is in charge of sales and marketing at Redmond Incorporated, makers of Real Salt and Earthpaste Toothpaste. We’ll be talking about different types of salt and how they help or harm your health. Darryl is passionate about healthy living, healthy eating, and life-long learning. After growing up working for his family’s salt and mineral business (Redmond, Inc.) in Utah, he earned a Bachelors of Science degree at Southern Utah University and an MBA at Western Governor’s University before returning as a third generation family member at Redmond. In his spare time Darryl enjoys the outdoors, hiking, fishing, canyoneering, beekeeping, and just about anything else he can get is hands on.

How Your Bra Affects Your Health

There are so many interesting shows in the archives! Every Friday I pull one out to remind you these archives are here for inspiration and information.

Maria-MontiMy guest is Maria Monti, founder of The Healthy Bra Company. The wrong bra can harm your health in many ways and the the right bra can improve it. My interest in the subject is that incorrect bras can block the natural flow of lymph in your body, preventing the flow of toxic chemicals through and out of the body, and contributing to the buildup of chemicals levels that contribute to illness. The right bra can actually help your body detox. Maria is a professional Postural Therapist with 18 years experience in analyzing posture and designing corrective exercise programs to relieve the stress and strain of the daily postural duress on the body. With her experience in assessing posture and re-aligning the human structure, becoming a custom bra fitting specialist was a natural next step. Maria founded The Healthy Bra Company, in 2002. With now ten plus years experience (and over one thousand hours) in custom bra fitting, she offers a “highly personalized fitting opportunity” which incorporates a revolutionary way of matching your BODY TYPE, UNIQUE ANATOMY and presenting STRUCTURAL ALIGNMENT with the bra styles(s) most suited to give you the best structural support, look, proper sizing and fit.

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