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Question from suzanne mikula

I’m starting this discussion for people looking for non-toxic window blind options and suggestions. I’m not a Sales person! This is my personal experience and I have been active on Debra’s site for years now.

Some time ago I’d submitted a question to 3 Day Blinds about their wood blinds. They said that the finish on their wood blinds was non-toxic and low VOC. We decided to go ahead and have a home consult. We talked about all their options. The Consultant informed us that their Faux Wood Blinds were made of a polymer with no VOC, and no off-gassing. It isn’t a covered MDF or anything similar; it’s a more solid plastic type material. He showed us a sample and I examined/sniffed it :-).

I felt very good about the option; there was no smell and I can usually get an energetic sense of how things affect me. This felt totally inert to me. My husband has been installing the blinds the past few days and so far there is no smell or adverse reaction that I am experiencing.

I know beauty is a side issue to toxicity but I just have to say the blinds are beautiful… I’m very happy because they feel safe to me, look great and finally offer us the privacy and light control we’ve been missing for years in our home!

I have mild-moderate Chemical Sensitivity with probably a higher tolerance than those with a Severe condition. I don’t know if these blinds will work for others, I can only speak for myself and share my experience.

I’m going to ask the consultant who helped us to chime in here perhaps, if there are questions about the 3 Day Blind materials.

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  1. What do you think of 3-day Blinds’
    window shades made of 64% vinyl and 36% fiberglass. Are they safe for the chemically sensitive?

  2. I just purchased wood blinds from 3-Day Blinds for my 2 year old son’s room (we have wooden shutters and I thought the wooden blinds would be a good option for the french doors in his room). I had them installed earlier this week. After his first nap in the room (doors and windows closed, blinds drawn so as not to allow light in), there was a terrible smell in the room.

    I immediately took the blinds down and put up the temporary woolen blanket we had hung in the french doors. I put the blinds outside to air out and four days later, they still smell. I haven’t contacted 3 Day Blinds yet, but I fear that these blinds are off-gassing and dangerous for my little boy to be inhaling for 12-14 hours a day.

    What do you suggest I do?


    I personally have no experience with these particular blinds, but I wouldn’t keep a wood product with a finish that had an odor. I would return the blinds. If they refuse to take them back, continue to air them in the sun and see if the odor will dissipate.


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