New nonstick safe cookwear? Bialetti Aeternum

Question from shayndel

I just bought a “nonstick eco friendly” pan called Bialetti Aeternum at Cole Hardware in San Francisco (an ACE hardware store). The information on the package is as follows:

“Nano-ceramic coating. Nano-ceramic is a water based coating made of titanium and suspended silicate micro-particles (the main components of glass), one of the purest, most ecological materials in nature. It’s cured at a very low temperature and can withstand temperatures up to 750 degrees without deteriorating. It resists scratches and abrasions, and offers a smooth, compact and uniform surface that makes it easier to clean. It’s white color provides a unique and extraordinary cooking experience.

Heavy gauge aluminum interior provides excellent thermal conductivity and grauantees optimum heat distribution reslting in less energy required to maintain desired cooking temperature.

Hi-temp silicone exterior, scratch resistant and easy to clean.

** PFOA Free ** PTFE Free ** Cadmium free

Has anybody heard of this before? The pan is very smooth and glass-like. I haven’t cooked in it yet; am curious if this is something new and/or if anybody has heard of it/had any experience with it.

Debra’s Answer

I haven’t physically seen this pan, but the description sounds good to me.

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  1. is aerternum ceramic to use if you have a pet bird? I am concerned about any emissions from the cookware

    • There is no teflon on this cookware so it should be safe for your bird.

  2. I purchased the Bialetti Aeternum “revolution” small fry pan at BB&B to use in place of my trusty – but apparently not healthy – decalphalon type saute/fry pan that I’ve been using for a while.

    I wrote the company about what the shiny silver material is along the rim of the pan. Wanted to know whether it was SS like the handle or aluminum like the core. Here is the reply:

    “Hello…It is aluminum and there is no danger.”

    Well, “no danger” may be true unless some food items are being slid out over the rim and since I’m on an involved hair-analysis detox comment isn’t working for me and I’ll be returning same.

    All the best!

  3. Debra,

    I have to say” Thank you ” for your service to mankind. However, I must give my 2 cents concerning Xtrema cookware. BEWARE, it does chip and break easily. My Husband, three sons and I all have Celiac Disease and several food allerigies. My middle son has had Anaphylactic response. We do not eat out. My Husband and I cook everyday. We purchased the entire cookware, bakeware set, and the stir fry pan three yrs ago. I only have one piece left. We use it to make fish nuggets. It is the 1.25 qt. The lid broke as well. Thank you for letting me share my experience :)


    I’ve been using my Xtrema pots and pans almost daily for three or four years, and none have broken. Yes, I do handle them gently, but it isn’t a problem for me. Please contact Xtrema about this. I also have some other clay pots that are even more fragile, but they haven’t broken either. Clay IS the healthiest cookware, but we need to respect it’s characteristics.

  4. Everybody: The key to cooking with Xtrema or the Mercola cookware is to cook with low heat because the ceramic material will retail heat longer than metal cookware. Also, the new ceramic non-stick coatings will only last 1 year before they breakdown. The problem is that the ceramic coating is a harder surface than metal and when you try to bond a hard surface on a softer surface it just will not last as long. I know this to be true because we have been experimenting with various types of ceramic non-stick coatings for several years and they just do not last. E-mail me a year from now and then tell me how you ceramic non-stick pan is performing. If you are having any problems with your xtrema cookware then please e-mail me at and we will take care of you. Blessings

  5. I bought the line of Xtrema cookware and don’t really like it outside of knowing it is clean and safe. I find it chips super easy, difficult to cook with and foods sticks very easily. This is what has directed me to inquire about the product above. Most importantly I want safe cookware but ease of use would be nice too.


    I personally haven’t had any problem using mine, but to each his own.

  6. I have seen the Bialetti Aeternum being talked about at bed bath and beyond once. it’s red and white and smooth. Too expensive for me, but my main concern is the fact that it has nano in its coating – i know nanotechnology is being used everywhere, but it just doesn’t sit right with me to have it on a surface where I’m going to be cooking food – how do i really know because of its supertiny size that it doesn’t leach into the food? It’s one of those things that experts might yes on, that I just don’t feel right about.

    Also, Dr. Mercola’s cookware (the same kind of cookware as the bialetti one) got a FAILING grade from Consumer’s Reports – the main issue being how it breaks. Yeah, for me, personally, having to be extra careful and extra patient while cooking takes the pleasure out of cooking for me. Oh well, still searching for a good alternative cookware.


    I understand your feelings, but let’s take a look at the actual facts here. Nano simply means very small particle. But there are particles of different types and particles that have various properties and toxicities.

    The nanoparticles in this finish are simply the same particles used to make GLASS except smaller. When heated they FUSE together. They will no more be released from this finish than particles released from glass. And even if they do get released into your body, they are a natural element that is everywhere in the environment and not toxic. So there really is nothing to be concerned about.

    With regard to Consumer Reports giving Xtrema a failing grade for breakage, well, other things in the kitchen break–drinking glasses, plates, pottery of all kinds, pyrex glass cookware, Corningware…and you probably use some of those. Again, I will say that I have been using my Xtrema cookware for several years and have never had a problem with breakage. I am not super careful. My husband washes them and he sure is not supercareful. They are certainly not delicate, but I don’t bang my cookware around anyway.

  7. I have to comment on the Xtrema cookware that Kelly talked about. I, too, find that it chips extremely easily. Having to be careful of cookware the way you would fine china is not pleasant. They say it takes longer to heat, and it does, and that when you get used to that, you will like it, but I don’t. It holds a ton of heat so that when you drain pasta or rice and put it back in the pan, it sticks like crazy. I personally don’t want to have to add oil to keep things from sticking to the pan. I bought it for a rental home and then decided after reading about it that it wouldn’t last long there, so I kept it as I liked the really nontoxic surface; however, treating cookware with kid gloves is annoying.

  8. Just a quick note regarding the Bialetti Aeternum non-stick cookware. I have two of the skillets, the 8 inch for scrambled eggs and small dishes, and the 12 inch for the big stuff, sizzling chicken, stir-frys, etc. I have to tell you I love them both! They are truly non-stick and super fast and easy clean up. I’ve only had them since January, but I have purchased and given away another four or five I love them so much. It’s the best that I have found so far that doesn’t break the bank to own them. I do cook everything else with either cast iron or stainless steel. Life is hard tho, without a non-stick pan or two…especially for eggs!

  9. I recently bought a Bialetti pan and I am going to try to return it – I don’t think it’s really non-toxic. When heated to even a low-medium (what I would need to saute), even using oil, it gives off a strong horrible odor, like the smell of previously-dry-cleaned clothes being heated. Even if it really is PFOA-free (and one of the many bad reviews on Amazon doubts that), it’s got something else in it that IS toxic. btw, I tried cleaning it again, very thoroughly, and heating it again. Does it every time.

  10. have the 12in skillet-a dream come true. you can cook anything in it!


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