Are Duraflame Logs Safe to Burn in the Fireplace?

Question from Rachel

Are duraflame logs safe to burn in the fire place? I have heard the are pretty “green” but wanted to make sure with you’d kids and dogs in the house. Thank you.

Debra’s Answer

Whenever you burn anything, it gives off toxic combustion by-products, which is why houses have fireplaces–to vent the toxic gasses and particles to the outdoors.

Duraflame and other manufactured logs are made from recycled materials, in this case sawdust, but other logs are made from other recycled materials such as coffee grounds, held together with plant wax. So they burn like a candle.

I don’t see any reason why Duraflame logs would be any more or less toxic than burning wood, and it would save a few trees.

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  1. BioBricks are another option to consider they do not have any fillers or synthetics, based upon my understanding. I used them when I had a woodstobe and they were easy store and manage.


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