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“Hotline” telephone consultations are only $3 per minute
with a 15 minute minimum
Call 727-466-6812
(Monday – Friday 10:00-4:00 east coast time)

Consultations by skype or email also available

Since 1980, I  have helped thousands of clients evaluate toxic exposures in their homes and offices and recommended safer alternatives, and I can help you, too.

You’ll save time and money by calling me 
to get toxic-free solutions 
based on my extensive knowledge and experience

Call me…

* to help you choose and find nontoxic products that are better for your health and the environment

* to get solutions to problems of toxic exposure in your home or office

* to get non-medical advice on all aspects of healing from multiple chemical sensitivities, based on first-hand experience

* to work with your interior designer to create a less toxic and more natural home interior

* to work with your contractor or architect to build a home that is less toxic and more natural. In addition to remodeling three of my own homes to be nontoxic, I have worked closely with contractors and architects to specify materials for nontoxic and sustainable construction, including an historic apartment building in New York City.

I can come to your home or office (anywhere in the world)…

* to evaluate your home or office for toxic dangers and give practical safe solutions

* to evaluate a home for toxic exposures before you buy



Call or Skype during normal business hours or other times by appointment. Best time to reach me is 10-4 Monday-Thursday. Pay with credit card or Paypal. There’s a 15 minute minimum @ $3/minute.

CN 1001       Hotline       $45.00/15 minutes plus $3/minute thereafter

Email Anytime

I also do consultations via email. This is especially convient if you have a busy schedule or live on the other side of the world. Again There’s a 15 minute minimum @ $3/minute.

CN 1002       Email Anytime       $45.00/15 minutes plus $3/minute thereafter

Debra On Call

After having one consultation, many clients want to ask me a lot of questions! With Hotline and Email Anytime, each call or email has a minimum charge. With Debra On Call, you can call or email and be charged only for a few minutes, if that’s all you need. This service is available to anyone who has done a Hotline or Email Anytime consultation. I keep your credit card on file and charge your card after each 15 minutes used. Or you can pay for a 15 minute block in advance, if you prefer.

CN 1003       Debra On Call       $45.00/15 minute block

Package Deal

Over the years I’ve been hired for different kinds of projects that require a block of hours, such as home building or remodeling, or interior decorating. I’ve worked with architects, designers, contractors, and other professionals to help choose safe, nontoxic products for projects. And you can hire me, too. Purchasing a 5-hour block gives you a 14% discount. On a big project, it’s better to do it nontoxic the first time.

CN 1004       Package Deal       $750.00/5 hours

Home or Office Inspection

I’ve been inspecting homes and offices for toxic exposure since a doctor asked me to inspect his patients’ homes for toxics in 1978. But even better than finding the toxics is I can tell you specifically what to do to eliminate toxics from your home or office.

I can come take a look at your home or office and tell you quickly where your toxic exposures are and exactly what you can do to eliminate them. I can also evaluate homes you are considering for purchase or rent, to identify toxic exposures inherent in the building and it’s surrounding itself and if and how they can be remediated.
I am available to go anywhere in the world for this service, and can make a video report during my visit.

CN 1005       Home Inspection local       $250/hour (minimum 1 hour)

plus $125 per hour driving time[within driving distance of Clearwater Florida]

CN 1006      Home Inspection travel       $2000/day (minimum 1 day)

plus expenses for plane, food, lodging   check cheap roundtrip airfares from Tampa airport

Business Consulting

I have thirty years experience running my own one-person business. I have learned a lot about business in general and specifically about how to create and market nontoxic products.

Here are some things I can help you with…

Website Review

I’ve been looking at websites almost all day long for eight years and have also built my own several times. I know a lot about what makes a good website, and often small changes can bring big increases in sales.

I can review your website and give you a list of suggestions, and then help you implement them if you want.

We talk on the phone. You take notes. If you want me to write a report, it’s extra.

CN 2001       Website Review       $299.00

Internet Marketing Review

I’ve learned a lot about internet marketing by doing my own. There are many things you can do to promote your business online that are free or inexpensive, and easy.

I can review what you are doing and give you a list of suggestions, and then help you implement them if you want.

We talk on the phone. You take notes. If you want me to write a report, it’s extra.

CN 2002       Internet Marketing Review       $299.00

Writing Services

I’ve been writing about toxic chemicals and nontoxic products for thirty years. I’ve written books, magazine articles, website content, mail order catalog copy, fact sheets, product literature…If you need it I can probably write it and write it well, on time, and bring decades of background understanding to the subject.

If you would like me to write for you, please contact me to discuss your project.

Media Spokesperson

One of the best exposures you can give your business is radio and television. But you need to do it in a way that is professional.

I have thirty years experience in the media. In 1982, Bon Ami sent me on two national tours, doing newspaper, radio and television in 10 cities. I spoke about natural cleaning as author of my book, and carried props that included lemons, vinegar, and Bon Ami Polishing Cleanser.

And I’ve done the same for other companies since.

I can do radio, television, appear at trade shows, wherever you need a knowledgeable and credible representative.

If you would like me to represent your company, please contact me to discuss your needs.

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